Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Attorney On Long Island, New York

Whether you are facing criminal charges or suffering due to someone else's negligence, obtaining the right legal representation is critical. I am attorney Luigi Vigliotti, and here at the Law Offices of Luigi Vigliotti, P.C., in Garden City, New York, I serve clients throughout Long Island, all five boroughs of New York City and Upstate New York who need experienced, aggressive legal representation for:

  • Criminal defense: An experienced criminal defense lawyer and former New York State prosecutor with over 13 years' experience and numerous successful jury trials, I can fight to protect your rights if you are facing any misdemeanor or felony charge, including drug-related charges, assault, theft, homicide and white collar crime charges.
  • DWI/DUI: I represent noncommercial and commercial drivers in all types of vehicular crimes, including driving while intoxicated by alcohol where there is a breath alcohol reading, driving while intoxicated where there has been a refusal to submit to a chemical test and driving under the influence of drugs.
  • Traffic violations: I handle all types of traffic violations, including serious speeding offenses, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, cellphone violations, no insurance, driving without a license and equipment violations.
  • Personal injury: Don't suffer without compensation because of someone else's negligence. If you have been injured, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries as well as for your pain and suffering. I handle all types of negligence cases, including catastrophic injuries, as well as motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-falls and trip-and-falls, and workplace accidents. I can help you recover the compensation you deserve for someone else's fault.

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When you come to my office, I do not view you as just another case. My staff and I will learn all the details of your case and give you straightforward legal advice about your options and expected outcomes, whether you seek a quick settlement or a trial. I am committed to helping you reach an effective resolution that protects your rights and best interests so you can face the future with confidence.

It is important to act quickly and not delay. The faster you contact me to schedule a consultation, the faster I can get to work building a strong case on your behalf. Call the Law Offices of Luigi Vigliotti, P.C., at 516-512-7108 to get the help you need. My office accepts credit cards. Se habla Español. Si parla Italiano.